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CAPTCHA Strippers

Interesting twist to CAPTCHA attacks against Yahoo!:

The novel system for getting round Captchas uses images of a woman called “melissa” who invites victims to decipher the scrambled text. Entering the correct text produces another image and another chunk of scrambled text.

If you can recognize a scramble of characters and enter them properly, you can get an image of a person on the screen to disrobe.

Trend Micro has a complete description of the Melissa attack, called TROJ_CAPTCHAR.A, including pictures of the model in various states of undress.

May I propose, as a counter-offensive (no pun intended), that images of naked or scantily clad people be unrestricted on the Internet, thus reducing this incentive system? What? Don’t like the trade-off? We aren’t safer if everyone is naked?

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