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Considering the Void

by Jimmy Carter (from the World of Poetry which also has a video of Carter reading his poem)
When I behold the charm
of evening skies, their lulling endurance;
the patterns of stars with names
of bears and dogs, a swan, a virgin;
other planets that the Voyager showed
were like and so unlike our own,
with all their diverse moons,
bright [...]

18 JUNE 1961

by Dag Hammarskjold (1905-61) tr. by Leif Sjoberg
He will come out
Between two warders,
Lean and sunburnt,
A little bent,
As if apologising
For his strength,
His features tense,
But looking quite calm.
He will take off his jacket
And, with shirt torn open.
Stand up against the wall
To be executed.
He has not betrayed us.
He will meet his end.
Without weakness.
When I feel anxious,
It is not [...]

Haiku for today

Dag Hammarskjold, Markings, p. 190-191 (Translated from Swedish by Leif Sjoberg and W. H. Auden)

Congenial to other people?
It it with yourself
That you must live.
Denied any outlet,
The heat transmuted
The coal into diamonds.
Alone in his secret growth,
He found a kinship
With all growing things.
The manuscript for the book was left by Hammarskjold to be published after his death. [...]


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