Russian Drones Won’t Work in Russian Weather

It seems only fitting to hear Russia not only is running out of drones due to lack of planning, its remaining drones don’t work due to… what UNIAN hints was a lack of planning.

Российская армия перестала применять против Украины иранские беспилотники Shahed-136 не потому, что израсходовала весь запас, а потому, что эти БПЛА не выдерживают наступивших холодов.

Roughly translated, Russia ended drone attacks in winter because they can’t handle cold.

November 17th was the first day of snow in Ukraine and also the last day Russia was able to launch its Iranian supplied “kamikaze”.

In related news, Russian soldiers also aren’t doing well with winter. They are reportedly laying in primitive trenches dying or dead from starvation and hypothermia faster than the Ukrainian drones can put them out of misery.

This of course looks familiar to those who study Nazi inability to plan or build anything sustainable.

…according to James Holland, author of the three-volume history “The War in the West,” when it came to the operational level of World War II—the nuts and bolts of producing weapons, supplying troops and other logistics–the famous Nazi war “machine” was anything but efficient. It wasn’t even really a machine.

Russians used to flaunt winter weather as their thing, a rugged (General Frost) reality to their culture that stopped Nazis cold.

WWII winter however was not magic. It involved the same sorts of things being seen today. Russia didn’t learn the right lessons and is failing at simple logic and truth (logistics).

Reading November 2022 news that Russian drones won’t work in Russian weather reminds me of the fact that 75% of the Nazi army was powered by horses expected to freeze to death in 1942.

Freund Pferd or “Our Friend the Horse” by Rolf Roeingh as published in 1941 by Deutschen Archiv-Verlag in Berlin.

Deception and lies may have floated Putin in a sea of corruption all the way to the top, but they’re no match against the simple physics of war.

Nearly 100,000 Russians are reported dead after invading a country that was expected to roll over. Foreign military strikes have reached 100 miles of Moscow while Russia at same time has to ground its drones.

Seems unlikely such severe Russian failures in strategy and planning can be denied much longer.

Neighborhood Spends Thanksgiving Fighting Yet Another Tesla Fire

How do you know a neighbor owns a Tesla?

Fire and smoke suddenly appears, destroying quality of life for everyone around.

The fire was first reported on the Nextdoor app by someone with the username KP Reilly, whose post also included video of the fire. Reilly said the owner of the car had left it charging in the driveway when she got an alert that her car had malfunctioned. She then discovered it in flames.

“Neighbors tried fire extinguishers, to no avail, until fire and police arrived,” wrote Reilly in a message to The Signal.

At this point Tesla engineering obviously is so dumb it’s a sin — I mean cities must charge a “sin tax” for any Tesla registration to help cover the cost of everyone protecting society from Tesla.

It’s kind of like a neighbor buying a loitering munition.

Hey is that a cruise missile being operated in our residential area or are you just… no, that’s a missile and we’re gonna need some fees paid up front to cover cleanup costs.

Chinese artist rendering of the explosive Tesla remotely controlled in America

What better way to spend Thanksgiving than communities sacrificing time, energy and precious resources to stop Elon Musk’s clown car company from ruining yet another life?

January 2023 Marks Tenth Year Tesla Has Lied About Self Driving

My favorite phrase right now from industry analysts reviewing the past nine years of Tesla saying it will deliver self driving is…

Turned out not to be true

Increasing charges for future tech while claiming they would deliver self driving this year, has basically become fraud…again.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously promised to “solve” full self-driving by the end of this year (he’s also promised Tesla would get there every year for roughly nine years now). He has recently admitted the problem will take longer to solve.

Let’s admit it already. Tesla is a scam, the infamous African Advance Fee Fraud.

The cost keeps going up, yet promises never come true… will Elon Musk be caught and charged under Nigeria’s 419 code?

“Tesla’s US operations are still largely unprofitable after 18 years.”

Here’s a buried lede in a story about Elon Musk’s lack of integrity and transparency:

Tesla set up its Shanghai operations in 2019 as an unrestricted subsidiary with very limited visibility. Because of this arrangement, Tesla’s investors only get a piecemeal snapshot of the China business’ contributions to the overall company. Tesla has been able to use this obscurity to mask the fact that its China operations generate most if not all the company’s total profits and cash flow while contributing less than 30% of total revenue — implying Tesla’s US operations are still largely unprofitable after 18 years.

Meanwhile, the latest news from China is Elon Musk is failing to trick people there into overpaying for his low quality cars.

…potential cuts in production come after the automaker decreased prices for its cars in China earlier in October and also increased insurance incentives in order to boost supply.

Some estimates put the expected drop in output around 20%.

That seems conservative considering consumer demand in Germany for Tesla crashed this past summer, while overall EV sales for other brands rose higher than ever.

A curious part of this situation is why Tesla thought they should be jacking prices up for its tired and flawed products… as if that wouldn’t backfire.

After a year of increasing prices almost every month in 2021…[in June 2022] the automaker is back at it. Today, Tesla updated its online configurator overnight to again increase prices across its entire lineup.

Dumb moves by Tesla, no? Chinese EV manufacturer BYD has further increased its sales and engineering lead.

BYD has [developed] what it calls a blade battery, a cobalt-free alternative to other rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that are said to be safer and more stable. […] The majority of BYD’s lineup sells for between $13,200 and $46,700. Meanwhile Tesla models started at around $50,000…

A higher quality, far safer AND less expensive car?

No wonder BYD demand has risen so fast while Tesla falls.

Mass Murderer Told Colorado Police About Stockpiled Assault Weapons for Terrorism: They Closed the Case Citing “Constitutional Right”, Which Left 5 Dead Before Military Veteran Stepped In

If there’s one thing about learning history that people should know, it condems them to watching the world repeat its worst mistakes.

Take for example a very clearly hostile subject who grew up in a violent, racist Colorado home building a militant plan for mass murder and sharing it with local police.

… elaborate plan to stockpile guns, ammunition, body armor and a homemade bomb to become “the next mass killer.” […] So began a day of terror Aldrich allegedly unleashed in June 2021 that, according to sealed law enforcement documents verified by the Associated Press, brought SWAT teams and the bomb squad…

At this point in 2021 the subject basically approaches police as a domestic terrorist on a short fuse, boasting about assault rifles, ammunition and bombs in a residential neighborhood.

For some strange reason, instead of being properly treated, removed from being a threat to society, police closed the file by reasoning police couldn’t infringe on “assault property” rights. Did they reason that the suspect’s guns were more protected than the human lives he threatened?

Historian protip: That’s a subtle yet important reference to slavery (e.g. slave catchers). Sherman’s fast victorious march that burned across the Confederate South operated on the sound humanitarian principle that lives matter more than property. The U.S. military practices Sherman doctrine to this day. Thus an American law officer saying they refuse to seize or destroy war-making property (assault rifles) is likely intentionally on the wrong side of history.

The suspect very predictably took the pile of guns warned about and went on in 2022 to carry out a domestic terror attack killing 5 and wounding over two dozen.

Many more Americans would have died except for a non-white military veteran nearby who charged and quickly disabled this terrorist — he grabbed the attacker’s holstered pistol and severely clubbed him with it.

The turn of events begs the giant question whether Colorado Police facilitated terrorism.

Now go back and read about the mass murder of Americans in 1921 Tulsa, keeping in mind it was due to the America First (KKK) platform of police turning a blind eye to terrorism based on hate.

And also consider back then that it was non-white military veterans who stood up to the terrorists.

Tragically the overwhelming America First mob in Tulsa couldn’t be stopped, including fire bombs dropped from airplanes, and they destroyed the city.

What happened next?

The “know nothing” KKK celebrated by building themselves a “secret society” meeting hall on the ruins, where “invisible” men conspired to seal records and… prevent anyone from finding out anything, let alone mourning the dead or knowing the direct role police and firefighters played in facilitating terrorism.

Back to today, although there are many more examples in American history like Tulsa, the Colorado Police are playing a very familiar looking know nothing card.

…charges against Aldrich were dropped and there was no effort to seize their weapons under Colorado’s “red flag” law for reasons the district attorney and the sheriff have refused to explain because the case is sealed.


El Paso County is especially hostile to the state’s red flag law, as one of 2,000 counties nationwide that have declared themselves a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary,” opposing any infringement on the right to bear arms. It passed a resolution in 2019 specifically denying funds or staff to enforce the law.


“We’re not going to be taking personal property away from people…” Elder said as the law neared passage in 2019.

Being an official opposed to any infringement seems now likely to be proven as someone inhumanely valuing property over the lives of Americans.

The difference here between 2021 and 1921 unfortunately is therefore best measured in terms of politicians enabling intentional rise of unregulated technology intended for terrorism.

One person today with less or even no power can easily acquire mass casualty assault weapons making their attacks far more like a repeat of the racist Tulsa mob even without one.

Police in 1921 probably very cruelly rationalized that rich white oilmen shouldn’t have “personal property” seized, even when that meant planes dropping napalm on communities to destroy as many Black lives as possible (elimination of prosperity, especially targeting military veterans).

And that is the history lesson here, which says Tulsa immediately should have become required reading in America. Instead the case was sealed to hide police failure to act on obvious terrorism signals.

America generally had been starved for risk based transparency and accountability that has worked in places like occupied Germany after WWII.

If police cadets in Colorado were screened on America’s long history of ambivalence to hate crimes (e.g. America First), and required to focus on and prevent yet another atrocity from white terrorists, then maybe 2021 would have seen swift action by police to immediately halt an open plan for mass murder.