Oracle Settles Human Trafficking Allegations Based on Global Privacy Abuse Case

Oracle’s infamous Larry Ellison had very loudly boasted on stage about his illegal 5 billion person trafficking database.

Oracle’s systemic and widespread trafficking of people seems to have been settled as its former business model, after being caught and charged in court.

“This case is groundbreaking. The allegations in the complaint were that Oracle was building detailed dossiers about consumers with whom it had no first-party relationship. Rather than face a jury, Oracle agreed to a significant monetary settlement and also announced it was getting out of the business,” Barnes said. “The big takeaway is that surveillance tech companies that lack a first-party relationship with consumers have a significant problem: no American has actually consented to having their personal information surveilled everywhere they go by a company they’ve never heard of, packaged into a commoditized dossier, and then monetized and sold without their knowledge.”

If you may recall, a San Francisco law firm landed the claims two years ago even without any federal privacy law in the U.S., so a rapid high-fee settlement indicates Oracle was very deep in the wrong.

The suit, which was filed Friday as a 66-page complaint in the Northern District of California, alleges the tech giant’s “worldwide surveillance machine” has amassed detailed dossiers on some five billion people, accusing the company and its adtech and advertising subsidiaries of violating the privacy of the majority of the people on Earth.

FCC Report Exposes SpaceX Role in Satellite Collision Nightmare

Space is rapidly being cluttered with expensive orbiting garbage full of toxic chemicals, thanks to lack of environmental planning by SpaceX.

The latest report, as forced by FCC regulations, is that SpaceX is a Titanic mistake, a catastrophic collision error at mass scale just waiting to happen.

Satellites in SpaceX’s Starlink megaconstellation made nearly 50,000 collision-avoidance maneuvers in the last six months, about double the number made in the previous half-year. […] SpaceX revealed the increase in its latest Semiannual Constellation Status Report, which was filed with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on July 1. According to the report, on average, each Starlink satellite fired its thrusters 14 times between Dec. 1, 2023, and May 31, 2024, to dodge orbiting objects, such as other Starlink satellites…

Apparently SpaceX came up with a business plan of causing massive traffic jams and pollution. Some hope AI magically can be trusted in figuring out all future crash avoidance despite exponentially harder risk. This sounds about as likely as Tesla delivering a million robotaxis by 2024.

In fact, their satellite AI seems poorly designed and probably can be gamed easily by an adversary, forcing massive constellation-level collisions.

During the first four years after the first Starlink launch, the number of evasive maneuvers kept doubling every six months… the more maneuvers Starlink satellites make, the faster they use up their propellant, resulting in a shortening of their operational lives.

What will they not think of next?

It’s almost like they were setup to be paid to burn money while they ruin the skies.

In a five-minute exposure with the scope’s camera, 19 white lines defaced the picture. It didn’t take long to realize the culprit. […] Even SpaceX was surprised, Cooper said. The culprit seems to be surfaces that scatter light diffusely, but the company is still trying to figure out precisely what makes the satellites so [awful].

In short, a company notoriously awful at predicting anything is saying everything will be fine, so just relax because the worst is yet to come.

Scientists Find Alarming Levels of Cocaine in Sharks

The ocean is so polluted by cocaine, apparently, that a new study found sharks are being poisoned with high levels of the drug.

“Regardless of where the drug came from – which is still not possible to determine – the results show that cocaine is being widely traded and moved in Brazil,” said the study coordinator, Enrico Mendes Saggioro, from the Oswaldo Cruz Institute.

“Cocaine has a low half-life in the environment … so, for us to find it in an animal like this, it means a lot of drugs are entering the biota,” he said.

“In other studies, I had already found cocaine in rivers flowing into the sea off Rio, but it was a surprise to find it in sharks – and at such a high level,” said Saggioro.

FL Tesla “Veered” Crash Into Swamp Forces Boat Rescue and Hunt for Missing Passenger

Reading new Tesla horrific crash reports daily, they regularly involve a man in his 20s losing control, harming society and forcing expensive cleanup by others.

Source: Florida Highway Patrol

Troopers from the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) reports that a 25-year-old man from St. Petersburg was driving a white Tesla Model 3 sedan southbound on I-275 at high speed.

Near the 16 Milepost, approaching the Skyway Bridge, he lost control of the vehicle. The car left the roadway, entered the shoulder, collided with a drainage pond, and overturned into the mangroves.

The unrestrained driver was ejected from the vehicle and thrown into the Gulf of Mexico. A passing boater retrieved him and delivered him to the Maximo Park boat ramp.

Wheels torn off the car, as it tore a huge gash through the mangrove, and then a boat rescue from the Gulf… is indicative of just how stupidly far over the speed limit this Tesla was going relative to how little control it had.

And the news further speculates whether a passenger was also lost in the violent crash, as if the massive expense and uncertainty of accounting for human lives (trucks, ladders, drones, divers) is just a footnote to Tesla design flaws and catastrophic robot failures.

Society waits while emergency responders blow their budgets on Tesla design failures. Source: IONTB

Initial reports indicated that a second occupant may have been in the vehicle. Crews searched the waterway and utilized air assets to look for another victim. No other victims were located.

Death of passengers caused by aggressive young male Tesla drivers is an increasing problem, perhaps exemplified by the infamous New Zealand court case.

Man Texted “Autopilot Saves Lives” Then Killed His Friend With a Tesla

High speed loss of control, wheels falling off, smashing into trees… it’s the same story almost daily wherever a Tesla robot is allowed to operate.

26 year-old Gabriel Flesche was arrested … following a vehicle accident at the intersection of 11th Avenue North and Grundy Street on July 21st. When officers arrived, they noticed a badly wrecked Tesla Model 3 missing its front tire [after he lost] control of his vehicle, striking a light pole, and striking multiple trees along the side of the road.