Timeline of Lies About Tesla “FSD”

A domain called motherfrunker has compiled a huge list of lies. It’s really quite amazing Tesla operates as such an obvious scam. Here a just a few examples out of the dozens:

  • September 2014: “They will be a factor of 10 safer than a person [at the wheel] in a six-year time frame.”
  • FALSE.

  • December 2015: “We’re going to end up with complete autonomy, and I think we will have complete autonomy in approximately two years.”
  • FALSE.

  • June 2016: “I really consider autonomous driving a solved problem, I think we are less than two years away from complete autonomy, safer than humans.”

  • March 2017: “I think that [you will be able to fall asleep in a Tesla] in about two years.”

It’s this kind of disregard for truth that generates cults of fraud and irresponsibility. The actual crash data released by Tesla shows their safety declining fast over time:

Source: Tesla Vehicle Safety Report

One shining new example is…

Man arrested for riding in the back seat of his driverless Tesla got out of jail, bought a new one, and did it again. […] Consumer Reports said Full Self Driving performed inconsistently and sometimes disengaged without warning. Still, Sharma said he has no plans to stop riding in the back seat of his car, despite the clear dangers the stunt poses to pedestrians and other drivers. “I feel like by mid-2022 the backseat thing will be normal…”

To be clear here, this guy in 2014 was “sentenced to 90 days in prison for selling a stolen iPhone” and claims to have an “honorary” PhD from Berkeley in a degree that doesn’t seem to exist.

Rich idiot?

He bought a new Tesla after police confiscated his other one since, as he put it, he’s so rich he is above the law and “blue-blue-collar villagers can’t understand my life”.

His online persona is being a cruel wealthy troll who claims, and I swear I’m not making this up, that he likes…

…pooping in sparkling water. I use wealth as a comedy…

So there you have it.

Think of Tesla like a bunch of rich kids taking a dump in your drinking water so they can laugh at you choking on it, because all these lies about safety apparently aren’t being taken seriously at all.

Just for comparison, you also may want to read a post here on the truth about Tesla safety.

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