Shalom Schwartz Theory of Values (Map)

Values and dimensions of culture, from a lecture by Shalom Schwartz

Source: Shalom Schwartz. Click to enlarge.

This is handy when facing social discord online, especially for those accounts claiming to resist being coerced.

Fundamentally there is a “battle” of identity going on, where all the posts are operating at a surface level by design to prevent depth and vulnerability. They may change like a facial expression, while the underlying person is anchored in value judgments they don’t want judged.

If you connect to the values and emotions, the fears and loves, you will open doors that connect you inside and reduce surface level noises designed to defend by keeping outsiders outside (avoid hostile false logic, like stepping back from the hot oil that gets poured from castle walls on unwanted approachers).

When no connection is made, withdraw. The gates are closed.

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