Analysts Rate Tesla Mediocre Car Not Even Worth $20 Stock: “too unreliable for widespread use”

A car collector is angry the Tesla fraud happened to him.

Soon after thinking he was getting a “deal” on a new car, he was stranded outside in freezing temperatures waiting for a tow.

…”there’s a reason they punted so many [Teslas] out the door on cheap lease deals. Do yourself a favor and get a Polestar,” he seethed. “Or anything other than a Tesla.”

Tesla quality is ranked by experts as bottom of the auto industry, equivalent or worse to owning a 1990s Kia.

Consumer Reports and J.D. Power both warn Tesla lies way down at the bottom of reliability lists; an average of 2 mechanical issues for every vehicle! While overall industry quality is rising higher than ever, Tesla is in reverse; its high priced failures inexcusably include tired designs that haven’t changed in a decade.

Ironically a 2023 new Kia is considered vastly superior to Tesla in every way, costing far less yet delivering newer technology, better performance, more comfort and higher reliability.

Notably, Tesla “comrades” are in melt down as some openly break rank to individually praise the better fundamentals of Kia.

The Tesla bean counter games, using “cheap lease deals” for its decades old designs, are meant to hide sagging demand. More to the point they’re only sold directly to consumer to fudge sales numbers and cheat audits (contrived to undermine buyer protections) while being late and dangerously unreliable.

You would think a car company that has barely moved the dial in engineering for ten long years would have managed some stability or improvements, yet Tesla products come up empty. They get worse with time (depreciate faster than market average) as the obvious fraud is exposed.

This is basic car culture failure.

Tesla has has NEVER been a technology company. At best it is a “bro” culture of immoral economists who believed they can squeeze actual technology companies to throw together a mediocre assembly of poorly engineered parts called a Tesla.

Fun history fact: Tesla was not only a copy of the tzero car by AC Propulsion in Los Angeles, it paid royalties until it stole and outsourced the engineering by using a loophole in the licensing contract.

1997 tzero was built during a huge American EV boom that President Bush terminated: Tesla licensed the technology, then reverse engineered (stole) it to falsely claim it had innovation/delivery capability.

Gets worse and doesn’t improve?

Here are two simple examples. The 2.0 hardware and software for driverless vision was far worse than 1.0. It threw out knowledge and started over blind, which explains high chance of crossing double yellow lines with head on fatal collisions. And even more remarkable, while receiving a blizzard of customer complaints, Tesla has rushed hasty recalls that have made the car even less safe than before attempting a fix.

Tesla ages like a road apple. Don’t step in one.

What has happened over time, fairly obvious today, is Tesla operated a lot like Soviet politicians in charge of Trabant production before the Berlin Wall was taken down. They saw artificial monopoly money as their only and best future.

Trabant was folded into a broader vision of complete, holistic system integration in the ideal socialist urban space.

Like a Tesla, the Trabant basically asked workers to pay in advance more than an entire year of their income. And in return they got the privilege of owning a death trap “ideal“.

East Germans drive their oil-belching Trabants west, which even today seems better than being dead in a Tesla.
East Germans escape west in oil-belching 25hp Trabants, which today still seems better than being dead in a Tesla.

Bigger factories were rushed like giant bribes into local politics to pump out more unreliable buckets of bolts no rational economist would predict could be supported, updated or repaired.

Any optimally functioning market would collapse demand for Tesla, just like the Trabant.

It’s a car nobody should want to drive or ride in. Unfortunately we know that’s not how markets work, especially with the bully culture that Tesla curated to harm people who dared to criticize them.

Trabants infamously created huge waiting times (even more than a decade) and also boasted about factory capacity right up until it all abruptly evaporated and was proven a fraud compared to brands like Fiat, BMW and Mercedes.

Now we’re heading in a similar path as Tesla boasts about capacity coming online to dump garbage on the market right as it has to discount its cars and stop production.

Elon Musk has always marketed his products with lies and disregard for safety. It’s sad to see people choose to believe the hype and buy into it, only to lose. Perhaps the wall is coming down finally and the modern Trabant exposed.

There will always be someone who collects or enjoys the horrible experience of a Tesla. What’s so interesting about this case is that a collector is the one sounding the alarm. Facts seem to be sinking in that the very suspicious Saudi/Russian-backed Tesla stock rise of 1000% was always defrauding investors and analysts predict a fall to $23.

At least now we know of one collector who has taken a closer look and sees Tesla for what it is: avoidable.

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