Bay Area Firetruck Taken Out of Service By Kamikaze Tesla

Tesla are basically unsafe to have on roads. This is no longer even worth debating, as another firetruck has been seriously damaged and taken out of service by a Kamikaze.

One person is dead after slamming a Tesla into a fire truck Saturday morning, officials say. The accident happened along I-680 at Treat Boulevard near Walnut Creek just before 4 a.m. Fire officials say the truck was struck in the rear by the Tesla Model S…

At least Chinese balloons are highly visible from a distance and moving slowly, allowing for a considered response. These Tesla attacks on America come in like a ballistic missile targeting first responders.

Chinese artist rendering of the explosive Tesla remotely controlled in America

And if the notoriously suicidal Tesla doesn’t injure first responders directly, its design failures still will seriously distract/disable their abilities to respond to other real emergencies.

Authorities said the truck was badly damaged and will be out of service for an extended period.

Tesla causing massively wasteful fires is bad enough, disabling hugely expensive taxpayer fire trucks in California is next level evil.

And to be clear, that truck was doing exactly what it was supposed to be doing.

…the fire engine “was stopped at the rear of the scene to protect personnel and assist in diverting traffic.”

Diverting normal traffic, sure. Also poviding a defensive perimeter against Tesla Kamikaze attacks. Is Tesla paying that cost?

Four fire fighters directly targeted in the Tesla path of attack were fortunately not killed.

Given the early morning time of the accident, and the freeway location, there’s a very high probability the driver was asleep and relying entirely on the fraud of Tesla’s FSD.

Perhaps more to the point, the bright white seats (warning: covered in blood) were in a very reclined position.

Source: Contra Costa Fire

Tesla “driverless” software has a long and tragic history of slamming into highly visible large trucks and emergency vehicles, terminating its sleeping driver. Remember the January 2016 news?

…Elon Musk said the firm was in the process of making improvements to its auto pilot system aimed at dramatically reducing the number of crashes blighting the model S.

Promises, processes.

Here’s what that CEO’s 2016 prediction about “dramatically reducing” crashes has meant in reality: a massive increase in deaths.


Tesla Death Toll as of 2/18/2023: 356 (Autopilot: 19)

For the record, once again, that rediculously underreported January 2016 autopilot fatality was Tesla driving straight into the back of a service vehicle despite bright lights flashing.

So here we are in 2023… wondering why Tesla hasn’t been grounded?

These horrific crashes obviously don’t blight the fraud of Tesla nearly enough because people keep signing up and paying far too much money just to kill themselves at great taxpayer expense.

The news today is yet again truly tragic, and totally avoidable (ban Tesla).

A mediocre company with below average engineers making cars worth not a lot, maybe nothing at all, for some reason is allowed to repeatedly cause significant suffering.

Given almost a decade of its “fire, ready, aim” crashes into giant trucks, Tesla clearly is riddled with dumb mistakes and design failures that harm the pubic.

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