Elon Musk Says Some of His Best Friends Are Jews

Well, does anyone really have any doubts now about Elon Musk being antisemitic?

First, read this 1936 book on why nobody ever should say some of their friends are Jews in response to accusations of antisemitism.

Robert Gessner (1907-1968) was a Jewish American screenwriter and author born in Michigan. He had a BA from University of Michigan in 1929 and then a MA from Columbia University in 1930. New York University immediately hired him to teach. He traveled to several European countries in 1934, taking photographs and filming. Gessner in 1936 published a book about these journeys, in which he explicitly warned of the Nazi threat in Europe.

That phrase, it’s a dire warning. It’s a well known phrase of antisemitism associated with Nazi Germany.

Second, read this 2014 book for the update.

A book about how some things apparently haven’t changed.

Still, to this day, we see a well known (and researched), unmistakable phrase of antisemitism.

Third, note the phrase chosen by the man increasingly becoming known for… his antisemitism.

“I’m aware of that old sort of trope of like, you know, ‘I have a Jewish friend,’” Musk said. “I don’t have a Jewish friend. I think probably, I have twice as many Jewish friends as non-Jewish friends. That’s why I think I like to think I’m Jewish basically.”

A twist.

He says he can avoid the trope, then plows straight into it by implying some of his best friends are Jews by hinting at having “numbers”. Then he clumsily erases his friends’ Jewish identities by claiming he is “basically” them, as if unclear (perhaps revealing his deeper thought “my best friends are me“).

This is evidence of the lazy and arrogant antisemite who doesn’t even try to avoid the most glaringly obvious mistakes of history.

Here’s how one youthful antisemite of the 1930s explained the common hypocricy in their entire family’s devotion to Nazism.

For as long as we could remember, the adults had lived in this contradictory way with complete unconcern. One was friendly with individual Jews whom one liked, just as one was friendly as a Protestant with individual Catholics. But while it occurred to nobody to be ideologically hostile to the Catholics, one was, utterly, to the Jews. In all this no one seemed to worry about the fact that they had no clear idea of who “the Jews” were.

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