Elon Musk “most prolific liar in the history of American business”

The quest to punish immigrants seems to be coming from a known illegal immigrant.

…a man who may well be the most prolific liar in the history of American business… what this entry in the ongoing Proof series analyzing Elon Musk’s years as an illegal immigrant aims to do is tease out some of the worst lies Musk appears to have told Vance. Most of these apparent lies have one thing in common: they obscure Mr. Musk’s immigration status during a decade-long period in his life: from 1988 to 1997.

Musk’s maternal grandfather named Joshua Haldeman was an antisemitic politician who promoted authoritarianism (e.g. Nazism) and was jailed in WWII for being a threat to democracy. In 1950, having lost his struggle in WWII, he emigrated to South Africa to become a prominent racist politician who promoted apartheid.

During World War II, the Canadian government banned the group, declaring it a risk to national security. Haldeman’s involvement with Technocracy continued, though, and he was arrested and convicted of three charges relating to it. Once he got to South Africa, he added Black Africans to his list of rhetorical targets.

Musk was born in 1971 to parents in South Africa who generated wealth through racism. When apartheid ended in 1988 the family shipped him back to Canada claiming rights from his grandfather’s treasonous citizenship.

After the U.S. Congress passed the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act in 1986, many large multinational companies withdrew from South Africa. By the late 1980s, the South African economy was struggling with the effects of the internal and external boycotts as well as the burden of its military commitment in occupying Namibia.

Defenders of the Apartheid regime, both inside and outside South Africa, had promoted it [like Nazi Germany] as a bulwark against communism. However, the end of the Cold War rendered this argument obsolete. South Africa had illegally occupied neighboring Namibia at the end of World War II, and since the mid-1970s, Pretoria had used it as a base [killing 500,000 people in 20 years to destabilize and prevent Black nationalism]. …

When South Africa reached a multilateral agreement in 1988 to end its illegal occupation of Namibia in return for a Cuban withdrawal from Angola, even the most ardent anti-communists in the United States lost their justification for support of the Apartheid regime.

This is why Musk fled his home country, fearing the end of apartheid, and he entered Canada. A loophole was used to migrate as an alien into the US, where he stayed illegally. He then infamously peddled lies in technology to amass huge shares of stock, which further generated massive wealth for him based on… lies.

Musk has since used his ill-gotten wealth to become an anti-American agitator who claims to be speaking about “Mars” while he spreads his grandfather’s failed proto-Nazi, eugenicist, pro-apartheid, antisemitic, racist, authoritarian political platform.

Technocracy is nothing more than a form of discredited techno-hype-filled authoritarianism of the early 1930s, fascism in other words, and yet Musk continuously and widely tries to promote fascism as “Martian Technocracy”.

…Musk’s grandfather was member number 10450-1) and sometimes added Xs to their names. Followers donned identical gray clothing and cars and greeted each other with special salutes…

Source:The Buffalo News, 18 March 1942, page 37

As if putting swastikas up everywhere and being racist and antisemitic are somehow better if you claim it’s for purposes of trying to achieve a white ethnostate on Mars ruled by one man.

Source: Business Insider

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