SpaceX is for Wars Not Mars, Boring is for Tanks, Tesla Robots are Infantry

It’s become painfully obvious the Boring company never had any commercial viability or purpose, and is only for military use. Pushing heavy vehicles as an invasion force is what it will do… heavy vehicles filled with robot soldiers.

The Las Vegas tunnel is little more than an examination of long-known Korean methods and plans for invasion. Boring company literally bought a used tunnel boring machine and made no modifications, had no new ideas, and didn’t even really understand the thing. Presumably Elon Musk recently visited Gaza to study how people build tunnels better, which now are being tested in Texas.

A multi-million-dollar tunnel to get the cars out of the EOL? Why not just design the EOL to end out of the factory into the staging area?

Also, based on the timing of the project, it sounds like the tunnel came first, or at least the idea to have a tunnel at Gigafactory Texas came first, before they knew what it would be used for.

An invasion. The tunnel is being tested for invasion using armored autonomous vehicles carrying militant groups and munitions.

Worse than the actual intention to push armored vehicles underground, perhaps, is all the associated fraud to cover it up. Boring was always coupled with disinformation propaganda to undermine actual public good projects. So it not only was useless to the public, it killed useful transit projects while pumping deadly Tesla car sales. Likewise the Texas tunnel is probably wrapped in fraud, illegally transferring money to Tesla.

Now SpaceX is being exposed for similar reasons.

They know Starship is a failure, nowhere near capable of human travel… but taking government handouts is so sweet they pump empty hype.

A massive failure throwing away billions in taxpayer money, having zero chance of serving any public good, is really a big dumb war machine.

Starship is not capable of reaching Mars” but is “to sway the balance of nuclear war and allow the U.S. to construct a space-based missile defense system.”

Says who?

The AI system they “built”, that’s “who”.

No public agency could fail repeatedly and catastrophically like this. Did you notice 100s of SpaceX orbiting satellites are in process of being destroyed intentionally due to design failures, showering dangerous debris that can kill people? NASA would never… because accountable.

For the third time in 11 months, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating a flight of SpaceX’s Starship…

Elon Musk represents instead the kind of overpriced, fake and sloppy failed work known well among military contractors.

…RTX Corporation, formerly Raytheon, has increased prices for its Stinger missiles sevenfold since 1991, leaving the U.S. paying more than $400,000 to replace each missile…

Once you accept that “Mars” is not a planet, but a white supremacist term for a racist militant enclave here on earth (ala Aryan Nations Idaho) all the public funding being misredirected by Elon Musk into robots and rockets make far more sense.

Elon Musk’s companies, funded through ill-gotten wealth from market manipulations, are a 1940s Apartheid fever dream to use technology to enforce a racist ethnostate.

After all, Elon Musk’s racist politician grandfather fled Canada to become an architect of Apartheid in South Africa, after he was arrested for trying to replace democracy with a sci-fi cult called “technocracy”.

Source: The Leader-Post, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Tue, 8 Oct 1940, Page 16

When their Apartheid empire was defeated the family dispatched Elon Musk back to Canada to push fascism again. He basically fled the 1988 fall of Apartheid South Africa like the fall of Nazi Germany, an operation paperclip wannabe… to even become an illegal immigrant in America.

And that’s why now he is driving the military industrial congressional complex into a white supremacist dream of a “new” form of fascism.

Welcome to the “Mars Technocracy” fascist enclave. The “friendly” centrally planned and controlled robotic soldier will now tell you how you must “vote” or else. Disregard all laws and reason and submit to Elon’s will. It’s for “survival”.

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