Marketing in America

The BBC has posted an entertaining look at marketing in America called The United States of Advertising:

America is, I think, the only country in the world which permits advertising of drugs which are available only through your doctor.

The insidious message is simple; if your doctor is not offering you this drug, maybe you should be asking for it.

Americans do accept advertising in areas where it does not tend to appear elsewhere.

The really good part comes at the start, when the author tries to explain beef jerky:

…an American food whose classiness you can judge from the fact that it is mainly found in petrol stations.

You could make it yourself at home by cutting a tough, thin steak into tiny strips and leaving them on a sunny window ledge to dry when you went away for your summer holiday.

Little does he realize that good beef jerky is hard to find, but it does exist, just like real food in America.

The point of the article seems to be that watching for legal disclaimers/compliance in marketing is practically a form of entertainment of its own.

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