Palantir Aims to Collapse NHS Like Thiel Collapsed SVB

Peter Thiel, reportedly the son of Nazi Germans who left the country to maintain wealth while avoiding guilt and reparations for genocide, has been telling reporters he didn’t believe SVB would fail when he instigated a $50 billion run on the bank that collapsed it in 48 hours.

There are two key lessons here.

One, Thiel has been an unapologetic monopolist who tries to wipe out others’ safety and prosperity for selfish gains… as if he’s trying to live in a game called Monopoly.

An early Monopoly game card design that depicts the wealthy escaping jail

Hearing him say he didn’t believe he would wipe out his targeted opponents is like hearing he didn’t believe he would win at Monopoly (while allegedly doing everything in his power to win by wrecking his opponents, and society in general).

How modest of him… to refuse to accept guilt (a symptom of Nazism).

His conspiracy to drive money from SVB to his own company (Brex) seems to have started around last August. It looks like a coordinated plan that was unleashed late 2022 with intent to abruptly transfer power from regulated institutions and widespread groups into his monopolist hands.

Thiel had primed Brex for direct competition with SVB and, as his bank run picked up volume and velocity, began cruelly marketing success as a huge Brex influx of fear-based deposits.

The icing on this gross monopolist cake was Brex then taunted regulators by claiming they were positioning for the same run but at 10 times SVB (Brex spreads giant VC deposits across nine banks simultaneously). It’s as if threatening worse and worse catastrophe is Thiel’s signature move for why he’s going to be the only winner. Did I mention his family seems to have left Nazi Germany (for South Africa, where they profited from Apartheid) to avoid accepting guilt?

The Monopoly game probably never would have sold in America if they had just been honest and called it fascism.

…monopolies and cartels brought the Nazis to power and [lawyers] warn that rising concentration in the American economy could similarly threaten democracy. …the German experience with Nazism lends support to the idea that extreme concentration of economic power enables extreme concentration of political power.

Apparently openly referring to oneself as a monopolist, while refusing to condemn Nazism, is popular on Wall Street?

Two, anyone doing business with Palantir should evaluate whether they’re in high risk of being targeted from within for huge loss, or they’re being used to facilite societal collapse for Thiel’s personal monopolistic gain. Or both. Those are the choices, unfortunately.

On that point, SVB wasn’t the only giant venerable institution being targeted by the monopolist last summer, if you remember the NHS controversy.

We’re very concerned that this latest move to force more [British] patient data into Palantir has been done with zero public input or consent.

Now it’s being reported more clearly how the same guy who just drove a large public bank collapse into his pockets, also has been on a mission to collapse public healthcare.

…leaked documents reveal that NHS bosses have now ordered a rollout of Palantir software to hospitals across England, in a seeming breach of that promise. The firm has also exploited a weakly regulated ‘revolving door’ in the NHS – poaching at least three former NHS data experts – as it chases the “must-win” contract. One of its recent hires, Indra Joshi, served as head of artificial intelligence for the NHS and helped launch the Covid-19 datastore – the first NHS project to use Foundry – before quitting the health service and joining Palantir in April 2022. Harjeet Dhaliwal, who was previously deputy director of data services at NHS England, joined the firm later that same year. The two ex-NHS staffers joined Paul Howells at Palantir, the company’s “health and care director”, who previously led a national data programme for NHS Wales.

That giant sucking sound is Palantir trying to pull highly regulated data and talent into Thiel’s control. Has there ever been a modern healthcare run and collapse of public service by a monopolist? Perhaps we’ll see one in England.

In related news, the country that knows best the signs of monopolistic ferver (e.g. Nazism) is said to be taking big steps away from the highly dangerous Palantir.

Germany raises red flags about Palantir’s big data dragnet. A court put strict limits on pulling innocent bystanders into big data investigations.

England should be getting its direction from Germany, and not ironically.

The American occupation and organization of laws in Germany after WWII has now put it far ahead of both the UK and even the US on basic public safety, as seen by temperature on Palantir.

Beware the signs of an unrepetant monopolist who works hard to profit from instability and societal collapse while claiming they didn’t believe their final solution would be realized (brazenly refuse to accept guilt).

Source: Palantir CEO warning reporters his company is invasive, destructive and shouldn’t be suceeding

SVB collapse increasingly seems to have been an intentional act by Thiel, and the NHS now appears to be targeted for a similar fate.

3 thoughts on “Palantir Aims to Collapse NHS Like Thiel Collapsed SVB”

  1. You had me at the history comment. This is an excellent article. It’s a salty fresh air piece full of truths.

  2. The “giant sucking sound” are people dying in the US waiting to see a doctor, thanks to private incompetent healthcare system, BUILT BY THE MARKET!! Palantir will be a highly inadequate death trap we can’t call medical care. When this sketchy company loses its butt again like US predators have done for decades now, will they come back and apologize to our UK mate?

  3. Yeah and another American just died waiting in line for healthcare. Fight the good fight Brits and kick out that evil Palantir like 1938 again.

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